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My Destination is a comprehensive online tourism information database. Innovative online tools and information for the travel and tourism industry also compliment these services.

MyDestination SERVICES


  • Online payment for your adverts
  • Online Booking Software to manage your guests, your bookings and other accommodation inventory information
  • Send E-Mails for FREE
  • Send SMSes for a nominal fee
  • More detailed reporting on your listings and advertisments

MyDestination FOCUS

My Destination Tourism Information was established in January 2006. The focus is to provide a framework and process for information in the tourism industry in South Africa. The information is representative of the entire tourism and tourism related industry.

The achievement of this goal is made possible through 14 years of existence in the tourism industry of several people who choose to continuously improve and update the information they offer to the industry.

To ensure credibility and independence in measuring this system, a consumer feedback mechanism monitors the customer's expectations. This valuable and impartial tool guides the system, always ensuring that the best established practices are followed.

Because the information system is market driven it stimulates improvement throughout all levels of service offering. This process continuously encourages the industry to re-invent, revalue and grow itself. In doing so it provides another key in the overall development and transformation of tourism in South Africa.


My Destination has personnel with a total of 25 years of experience in the Tourism Information field. From its inception 14 years ago the company has achieved a number of significant goals.


Our website will open doors for all participants in the tourism industry. The specific target is to see that all South Africans have access to the information they need to know their country, and to get all their travel information needs out of one source. With an established, maintained and well managed system, growing from strength to strength, the future of an informative South African tourism industry is achievable.

The future plans focus on:

Establishment of My Destination branding and awareness of its existence locally and internationally.

Expansion of network of local, regional and international associates and preferred service provider arrangements.

Establishment of an effective and efficient internal and external resource support basis.

Development and implementation of product related quality assurance standards and systems.

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